MyFLO Period Tracker App Reviews

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I tried ordering one of the 4 week programs. It didn’t appear to work when I entered the card information, as the screen stayed exactly the same after hitting purchase. Absolutely nothing to indicate the purchase went through. Because of this I tried a few times, thinking I’d done something incorrectly or the app froze. And discovered later I was charged three times! And I have not even received the product or any kind of confirmation in my email. This is unacceptable. I can’t even find a number to call for help fixing this. When I tried to use the “help” section to send a message, I just kept getting a “connection interrupted, try again” pop up. This is a scam!

Not clean cut - needs to be more customizable

Hasn’t worked in days now, continues to say “looking for update.” This is an app that i use to track things often. I’d rather use paper than deal with this garbage. I would like to get my money back. My initial review —-My symptoms don’t always fall into the ones listed - I’d like to be able to add my own symptom as well as export and print my calendar. Works well for the most part.

Knowing my cycle

I’ve been off hormonal birth control about a month and started using MyFlo in conjunction with Natural Cycles to monitor my cycle. I’ve been on hormonal birth control over 10 years so using tools of this kind are enabling me to take control of my newly unleashed hormones. So far I have only good things to say, but I look forward to the app’s increased acuity as I input more data over time!

Need it to sync to google calendar

I love the insights on this calander. My favorite feature is that I can put in my symptoms and get tips. However, if I am really going to cycle sync my life I need to be able to see my phases in a icalendar or google calendar!!

Awesome few quirks

So far I’ve really been liking this app. it’s very useful as I’m beginning my cycle syncing journey. There’s a few things that don’t work well and give error messages, like the “cycle RX”. I think it’d also be awesome to have a button to monitor vitamins or seed cycling.

Very bare bones

A total waste of money. I would not recommend. Very little guidance and not very customizable. Does not keep track of much symptoms aside from cramps and headaches.

Interesting information but would like a blank notes section

I appreciate the feedback I can receive when I track my symptoms, however since the choices are already pre-selected, there is not a place to write in my own notes. I would love to have that so I can add anything else that doesn’t fit into the boxes already there.

wait, the coolest thing since sliced bread

I absolutely love MyFLO. I’ve always wanted an app that not only tracks your period but tells you what is going on in there, why do I have breakouts? MyFLO tells me! Cramps? MyFLO tells me! It’s the sidekick that every superwoman deserves.

Helpful Tracking

I think the app is great for a first version but it’s lacking several features that would be helpful. Not sure if the developer will get around to making any updates, but a few that would be helpful are : Something that indicates what number day of your cycle you are on. A place where you can see an overarching view of past cycles (to compare length and symptoms). Some kind of customizable notes section for each day for ppl that want to track other things or even insert the specific food lists from the book. Otherwise it’s helpful to track your periods, but its not really any better than other tracking apps. I do like that it somewhat relates to the info in the book but it could use some improvements. Just tried to submit this feedback through the app and won’t even go through 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Misleading—False Advertising

Misleading representation when purchasing app. The app doesn’t allow enough options for tracking cycle information and symptoms. Too many notifications prompting to see “suggestions for you”, and when chose to view, these aren’t personalized, but further details of another purchase of “diet plan”. Extremely misleading, false advertisement and completely gimmicky for anyone who already is aware of the food/mind and body connection in addition to the importance of gut health. Zero customer support. When I’ve tried to contact or request support, always receive reply that “Connection Interruption. Pls Try again later”. Additionally, receive nearly 3 emails daily attempting to sell more unnecessary products and have had to unsubscribe. If you’re considering MyFLO, consider your time and money prior to purchasing.

App stopped working

Unfortunately, after only 1 month, the app is no longer working. Whenever I open it, it says “checking for update, please waist.” This goes on indefinitely. I’ve tried looking for updates in the App Store, close and reopen, nothing worked. If I delete the app it will also delete my data. What should I do?

I’ve had this app for all of 5 minutes and I LOVE It!

Seriously don’t waste time with other cycle tracking apps, this one is simple & offers true suggestions to help with all your symptoms. I was getting ready to give up that, and then i found this app! IT’S FANNNNNNNTASTIC! 🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love it!

I’m into holistic and more natural approaches to most everything in life. This app gives advice and suggestions for natural remedies, foods to help your symptoms and in general just great info on what’s going on with my hormones in each phase of my cycle.

Amazing & Easy to Use App

This app is incredible. It helps me understand what my body is going through and how I can tailor my food and lifestyle needs to help support myself throughout the month. I really love the ability to add symptoms so I can look back at how my choices make impacts every month - BUT it would be so much better if I could also add my own notes about what I’m experiencing so I could have everything in one place! Love this app. Love Woman Code. Love the work they’re doing to help women better know and understand their bodies.

Buy This!

I have been looking for cycle syncing recommendations for a long time. Finding the Woman Code book and the app has been life changing. Love this!!


I cannot get into the app. It just spins and says getting updates. I love this app and don’t want to delete and lose my data, but it currently is worthless.


I have followed Alisa's work for years, and I can't believe how accessible this app has made it. In one cycle I've seen improvements in my health by understanding where I am in my cycle and how to make nutrition and exercise decisions accordingly. I feel so empowered. Thank you!

Needs some fixes

I’m really interested in the science behind this but the app seems a bit flawed. It keeps telling me I’m in the menstrual phase when I’m not. It should wait for ME to tell IT when I’m in the menstrual phase. I had to turn off app notifications because of this. I also don’t like that it doesn’t actually show me what day of my cycle I’m on, only the phase I’m in. Day of cycle is very important to me. For example I already know that I’ll most likely have a migraine on day 27 and I’ll get my period on day 28. So I need to know what day I’m on so I can plan for this. I’m still using a separate app that provides this info.

This is it

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Good insight on cycle phases and clean, but not enough options

This was the rating feedback I wasn’t able to submit via the app. Add More symptoms and available for more days of the cycles. want to track how I’m feeling - not just tired and fatigued. Am I am angry, sad, lacking patience? These may Be period patterns that I want to understand. Also, when you ask if I did something to support symptoms, you should also offer options. In general, I like the insight on the phases, but I have to supplement this app with another to track my actual period experience. I keep using this app because I paid for it. The other one was free. I consider 3 stars just average. Four are for thing really gray, and five for exceptional with nearly no negatives.

Love but hate that it crashes

I love the idea of the app and that it goes along with The Woman Code Book, but the app crashes a lot. Almost every other time I go to use the app it crashes and I have only been using it for 2 weeks. I wish there was an area that you could type notes into as well, for symptoms that aren’t included or food you ate that worked and didn’t work, etc.

Everything I’ve ever wanted in a period tracker app

I’ve only had this app for like 24 hours and I’m already obsessed and telling literally everyone with a vagina I see to get this app immediately. Such a thoughtfully designed health application. Love it!

Great but needs room for personal memos

I like this app and all its recommendations, but it’s missing a key feature from iPeriod which is the ability to write notes—-not all my symptoms and specific moods fit a cookie cutter list of symptoms and I’d like to be able to write notes to myself about what’s going on in different phases of my cycle.

Won’t let me in.

The app won’t let me sign in even after I changed my password.

Great fixes, less great app

Though I’ve always logged my flo as every 28 days the app reports a 21 day cycle throwing off all my phases. Have tried sending a help ticket a few times, but the app continues to display an error can’t send report.

Needs option to input your own data, not from a pre-formed selection.

I want to love this app, but there are no places for me to input what I have going on any given day unless it is one of their suggestions. I’ve used other apps that let you track bowel movements, cravings, tender breasts, and let you put in your own info if it’s not listed as an option; for example: itching… and on any day of the month. I like the info for each phase of your cycle, however this app is kind of useless to me since I can’t track anything else.

Need Imporvement - Interface & Offerings

Thanks for putting effort into this service, but for a paid app it has a lot of room for improvement. The user interface isn’t friendly or intuitive in the current design. Other free apps like FLO allow you to add notes and more symptoms. Plus that UI is cleaner. I like the phases and info on the phases but again, not really worth the value yet. I’d expect a redesign in the near future that allows for more detailed notes and symptoms, a cleaner look, and more intuitive design that gives you information about your personal insights. Less marketing expensive services. More giving this information to low income girls and women.

Absolutely Love Flo!

I’ve become so much more knowledgeable about what’s happening in my own body. I never thought an app would change my life, but flo has made my period and the time between a dream ♥️ Plus you can sync your partner with it, and they can be in the know too.


I love The Flo App! I’ve had a weird experience syncing up because I’m coming off of having an IUD and so my predicted cycle is off. Additionally, I’m in a same sex partnership and wish the app had an option to identify sexuality so the email to my partner would feel more personal.

More options please

I wish that i could put more symptoms on the different phases. Like what if I have acne at the ovulating phase or brain fog during the luteal. I need options people I use this because my body doesn’t fit into a pre-described model!

Kind of disappointed

The app is really geared towards women whose periods are regular. My periods are irregular so my cycle doesn’t seem to fit with the 4 phases or can be longer or shorter than the average. It’s hard to live you life by something that doesn’t fit your actual cycle. Besides that, I don’t really see the difference between a free period tracking app and this app. Besides the initial information about different times in your cycle, it seems like the actual value is behind a paywall. I don’t know if I would recommend this app to friends especially because it costs money and there are comparable apps for free.

Sub par functionality

Not enough functionality to actually gain use out of. Crashes EVERY time I open, without fail, and once it does manage to stay open it freezes. There aren’t enough symptoms throughout the different “phases” to adequately track what is actually going on with MY body. For an App that preaches how hormones and periods don’t have a one-size fits all solution, this App’s prescribed symptoms it assumes every woman experiences in each phase is extremely hypocritical. Have waited months for updates that actually address these issues and have not seen them....

Love this app!

I love this app and recommend it to everyone that will listen to me talk about it! It’s really allowed me to become more in tune with my body! The only thing I wish it had was a way to record basal body temperature, but other than that it’s perfect.

Can’t reset

I can’t believe there isn’t an option to reset your cycle day. The whole reason I bought this was because I’m irregular and it would have been nice to know that prior to purchase.

Please add a start over function!

I would give this app 5 stars if there was simply a “start over” button.

Smartest Cycle App

I really love the concept of a cycle app that helps to manage your cycle based on symptoms. The only drawback I have to say about it is that I wish there were a way to indicate in the app that you have been pregnant so that the extended time of not having a period is not treated as a negative symptom.

Everything I’ve been looking for

I love this app. I am not interested in JUST knowing when my period starts. I’m interested in what my body needs through out my entire cycle and this app helps me with that. I love it. My only request is the option to set my own colors for the phases. They are all dudes of purple right now and I’d like to break them up a bit more. But that’s a minor suggestion!

Won’t open

I appreciated this app but now it doesn’t open and I desperately regret using it. As far as I can tell I’ve lost all my data

Not working correctly

I have abnormally long periods up to 2-3 weeks long. The app doesn’t allow me measure that. It automatically ends my period after 10 days and won’t allow me to adjust my end date. When trying submit the error in the app to hopefully get this corrected, I received another error that wouldn’t allow me to submit my issue. Overall, disappointing and a not worth having spent any money on. There is also no where to add in notes on certain dates.

Cycle Length is wrong

I like this app and by using it for 2 years I was able to cycle sync from 24 days back to 28 days. Since February 2018 I have sent countless emails to support and also facebook page and my problem has not been resolved. Can you fix this please? It should be 28 days not 24. I am on iPhone 8. Thank you

Good; needs a few improvements

Useful app and I enjoy the recommendations. However, it desperately needs more diversity. The images are nearly all of young, thin, white women — in an app meant for women’s empowerment, this seems incongruous and even harmful. Additionally, all the “relationship” advice is extremely heteronormative. Please account for the fact that not all women are in relationships with men — it would be so easy to make it gender-neutral!

Good Enough, Could Use Improvement

I like this app enough to recommend it, but I don’t LOVE it, and it’s not everything I could ask for in an app- sometimes I feel like the wording of what my “symptoms” are is alarmist, when I know there’s nothing wrong. Why yes, I have experienced “spotting” as a symptom often in my cycle- it’s always right before or right after my period- I do not have PCOS or endometriosis, thank you so kindly. That could be VERY disconcerting for a woman who’s just starting out in her self-awareness for cycles and I find that troubling. There’s room for improvement in the “this is totally normal” pop-ups, which as far as I’ve seen are scarce if not entirely nonexistent. I like the detail of what you can add to what’s going on with you in the day, and I also really like the recommendations for different stages of your cycle. All in all, I give it a 5 out of 10, which I can only show as a 3 out of 5 here.

The partner feature!!

I love MyFLO so much! Using it has completely helped to shift my life, and is so user friendly. For anyone in a relationship, my favorite feature is they can add their partner and loop them in on the magic too. It is SO cool when my hubby comes home after a long day and is all “oh hello! MyFlo tells me you’re in prime shape for dinner and a movie - how’d you like an impromptu date?” He schedules “man time” out of the house when I’m bleeding, brings me flowers in my luteal phase. It has added a whole different dimension to our relationship, and to my own understanding of my cycle, too. It’s a game changer!

Growing to Know Myself

This has been a great app to support me in my monthly flo. Though I call it shark week. I have learned so much about myself and through that developed ways to nurture and utilize self care.

New to the app

I just downloaded this a minute ago and I’m very disappointed in the minimal number of symptoms I can track.

A great app, looking forward to seeing how it continues to progress

I really enjoy using this app. However I wish it incorporated more of WomanCode’s recommendations within the app itself. It would be nice to have extensive food recommendations as per the book on the app as well as specific exercises to do during each phase. I also sometimes have other symptoms than the options present, so having a wider range might be helpful. Also, the suggestions and writing is very heteronormative. I wish they used language like “partner” or “spouse” instead of assuming each woman is in a relationship with a man. I think it’s important to widen the perspective to include queer people!

Really want to love this but...

There is no way to edit data and it’s not set up to account for a pregnancy. By trying to delete my last pre- pregnancy period (since the app couldn’t handle the long gap) I ended up messing up al my data. Now I just want to delete it all and start over but there is no way to contact customer support! I just get an error message. I’m back to tracking through google calendar unless I can somehow get someone to help me.

Waste of time

Not a smart app. Asks if you’re married several days in a row and even if you answer yes, it asks if you’re single and then if you are in a relationship. It controls the information you can input. So, if you get acne, for example, in the follicular phase there’s no option to select acne as a symptom. So, as a result the app is preventing users from truly exploring and tracking her symptoms. Further, the app is just a vehicle to sell webinars and diet plans with no proven research or medical advice.

Not syncing properly

For some reason the app thinks I have a 16 day cycle rather then my normal 28/29 day cycle. Because it’s so off it thinks I should starting my period when I’m actually in ovulation. And then when I look at the calendar, the app thinks I in luteal phase for 2+ weeks!

New update not working

Ever since the new update, every time I try to open the app it just says “checking for update. Please wait.” against a black screen. SUPER frustrating- could you please fix this? I love this app I just want to be able to use it.

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