MyFLO Period Tracker App Reviews

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New update not working

Ever since the new update, every time I try to open the app it just says “checking for update. Please wait.” against a black screen. SUPER frustrating- could you please fix this? I love this app I just want to be able to use it.

Great for understanding your cycle!

This app helped me figure out exactly how my cycle worked - which helped me understand my hormones in a more beneficial way. Including how to address and fix so many issues - mood swings, acne, cravings bloating etc. highly recommended!

Very disappointed

I was expecting more from MyFLO. I was using a free cycle tracking app before purchasing this one and it had more ways to track symptoms, more advice and just seemed more in tuned with personalizing my monthly cycle. Love woman’s code and was excited for this app, Very disappointed :(

Absent customer service

I signed up for a 4-week program and was charged the fee, but have not received any material or information about the program. I’ve sent two help requests (10 days apart), and have not had any contact from the company besides the automated email reply. Very disappointed with the customer service!

Good start but needs work

I don’t seem to be able to retroactively add the start of my bleed. Which then leads to the app thinking my cycle timing is way off?? So at this point the app is useless to me, which is unfortunate as I was so looking forward to the useful monthly info.

Not working

My app hasn’t opened in days

Total waste of money, especially the extra $ programs

Don’t bother wasting your money on this. The interface and usability of the app is extremely poor, it is laughably hard to enter your period if you forget to do it the day of - and tracking your period is a critical component of the app. Also do NOT buy the Clear Program! It is a 6 page PDF of complete fluff, there is no substantive information. Save your money!

A great app, looking forward to seeing how it continues to progress

I really enjoy using this app. However I wish it incorporated more of WomanCode’s recommendations within the app itself. It would be nice to have extensive food recommendations as per the book on the app as well as specific exercises to do during each phase. I also sometimes have other symptoms than the options present, so having a wider range might be helpful.

So interesting and informative!

I love this app! But I experience a lot of lagging and timing out when using so it can be frustrating.

SO helpful, but missing a couple things

I absolutely love this app! I think it’s excellent and I love that it gives me complete recommendations in each area of my life. I just wish that there was an option to add more symptoms (like a headache during Follicular phase). It would be really helpful as someone who gets migraines to be able to track this no matter what phase I’m in. I’d also love to see the days numbered starting at the first day of the cycle. I am irregular, so it would be great to see how many days in between each cycle I have. Also when purchasing one of the mini programs, there is no confirmation that your payment was accepted. This caused me to purchase the same program twice (and it was a pain to get a refund). Some sort of “success” message + being brought out of the payment screen would really be helpful. Overall it’s still the best tracker out there in my opinion, but there’s still definitely room for improvement!

Amazing concept but is still lacking things

This is an amazing app and I love the concept of knowing how to eat and workout depending on where you are in your cycle BUT it would be nice to open the app and have it tell you exactly what DAY of your cycle you are on instead of having to count it out yourself. It would also be nice to record mood, symptoms, discharge on days too.


Just by using the recommendations I got through my first cramp-free cycle! I felt amazing and could actually feel my hormones stabilized by using the suggestions. I am looking forward to figuring out how to avoid my usual menstrual migraine I get in the beginning of next my menstrual phase. Being a woman isn’t all bad like it’s been portrayed our whole lives, you can get in sync with your body, mind and soul and embrace being such a fierce being!! I was happy to be able to afford the app at least if I wasn’t able to afford the actual program! Glad I heard the creator talking about this way of life on the keto diet podcast!! Love love love!

The app that every woman must have

I started using this app 3 months ago and I’ve been loving it! Is super helpful and full of information. I was diagnosed with PCOS and I after reading the book and being cycle syncing I’m starting to feel myself again. I have more energy, losing weight and I am starting to quit my medication and healing all of my symptoms in a natural way! 💕 I highly recommend this app!

Won’t open

I appreciated this app but now it doesn’t open and I desperately regret using it. As far as I can tell I’ve lost all my data

App won’t open??

For about a week now. I don’t want to reinstall as will lose all my info. Anyone else having this problem? Other than this I love the app.

Need More Flexibility

Overall, I love the app. I agree with previous reviews that I would like the full gamut of symptoms and options during the entire cycle, not just at particular times. Any chance of an upgrade?

Love this app. It has been life changing!

Simple to use, the recommendations are super helpful and insightful!

Interesting, could use improvement

Interesting and unique cycle tracking app. I like that it signifies cycle phases and ways to support your cycle naturally—I don’t know if any other apps offering this. Things I would like to see added are clear indicators of cycle day (not calendar day) on home screen. I would also like to have less advertising for Alyssa’s Flo Living program or whatever it’s called... it takes away from the good feelings of the app because it feels like a (paid) add. Advertising for additional services should be very discreet.

App will no longer open

I have loved this app for awhile, however it has stopped working. I have an iPhone8 and have the most updated version of the app. I always download the updates. It has never had problems opening until recently and I have no idea why. I have restarted my phone several times, but it still won’t open / go past the purple “my flo” loading page. Help! Send a new update!

Good idea, but needs some tweaks

I downloaded this app after reading some pretty good articles in the newsletter. I think the idea of the program is great, but the app is definitely not user friendly. It took a while for me to set my cycle. Literally tapping the button for each day (and not fast tapping either). Basically it has a slow response. I wish I was able to play with it before committing the $1.99.

Don't buy anything from them

Good app, better than others out there by no mean revolutionary however do not buy their "programs" it's a waste of money I bought the one for bloating and it was literally 4 pages......... but spaced as if your in high school trying to fool your teacher your providing content. It's gives you nothing new. Honestly I think they are praying on womens issues by charging $50 for it and calling it a program get the app buy nothing from them. I feel as though there's legal ground to sue because that's how much of a scam that "program" they gave me is. You get more informations with google.

An amazing resource and tool for woman

I just downloaded the app, and I'm excited to get started. I'm so impressed already, after reading though all the helpful information and tools. I wish this existed 15 years ago! I am so glad I discovered this resource, and so I'm grateful to have a tool that so clearly understands and celebrates the cycle of woman.

Used to love it, lately it’s been useless

I got this app when it first came out and it’s been great. I’ve been tracking my cycles and symptoms and I’ve been kind of relying on it during certain times of the month. However, in the last few months the app has been very buggy. It locks up upon trying to open it and does nothing. It will lose my data once I do get in. The only thing that seems to work is if I delete the app, download again and then log in and then maybe it will work for a day or two. There haven’t been any updates from developers lately either so I’m guessing they’re not concerned? I’ve been very disappointed with this app lately cause it’s become virtually useless. I hope they do something soon or else I guess I’ll be deleting it. Don’t waste your money.

So grateful

I haven’t been compelled to write a review in a long time. This app represents the best of technology for me. I finally feel like there is a human out there genuinely listening to my very deeply personal human needs. I loved Alisa’s book and am loving her compassion expressed through this app. I would like to donate money to continue supporting the development that’s how much I love it and want to see it grow! There is so much potential here. My favorite features are the symptom recommendations during particular cycles. A lot I already know (I am a wellness coach), but having them right there remind me during volatile times (irritation, cravings, cramps, etc) reaaaally helps me take action rather than wallow in inaction. I feel in control and motivated to keep improving. I love sharing this with clients and friends as well. Thank you for creating and keep going! With love, Jenna

Hormonal Hallelujah!!!

I’m quite new and am deeply in love. I follow Alisa around on her socials and have gleaned gem upon gem of information. The monthly Elixir Tea and Ritual information is simply, grounding and full of goodness. I LOVE this app and this info! I’m learning how to life sync w my cycle* this information is Golden! Thank you Alisa for your life’s work!


App crashes a lot, and Support is less than helpful. They send canned responses to very specific questions, if they get back to you at all. You also don’t have the ability to track symptoms if your cycle goes beyond the default you set at the beginning - until your cycle is done, which defeats the purpose. I’ll be going back to the free FLO app because it’s way more customizable and user friendly.


Doesn’t adjust cycle lengths based on history.

Download now

Really helps me track this very important part of my health. And it’s spot on most of the time with the why behind what is causing my symptoms.

This app is crap.

Waste of money. I want a refund. Even after the bug fixes, it just makes a lot of assumptions about how your cycle *should* be based on averages. You can’t even choose an end date. It just chooses for you whether it’s correct or not. Before you download, forget it exists and run.

Not very helpful

Very pretty app but just not very useful. Mostly felt like an ad for their other programs.

A few tweaks and it will be great

I wanted an app to track my period and ‘symptoms’ during the month where the sole focus is NOT on pregnancy and fertility. We’ve had kids and done with that and now the focus is on hormone health heading towards menopause. I love how the different phases of my period are clear and the information on how I can support my hormones with different food and exercise throughout my cycle. However, I don’t like how it restricts certain symptoms to certain phases of the month. For example, strength training is only available during certain phases and maybe not when I’m doing it. Also, a free text section would be good to write comments against certain days that are not applicable to the icons available. Lastly, I can’t find a way to download my data - I’d like to be able to share it with my obgyn to help manage some spotting and cycle issues. Is this currently available or under development?

App broken

Update: the app has been fixed and is working well now. It is a very useful app and I'm glad it works again! The app completely broke with this last update. Can't get past the login screen. Completely unusable.

Great Cycle-syncing app

This is great to know what you should be doing/eating during each phase of your cycle, but it doesn’t have all of the symptoms available in each cycle to chose. It includes the most common, but not all.

Semi helpful

Besides the fact that it just stopped loading after a few months of use (maybe because I never purchased one of the many programs it constantly advertises), the app was only about half-helpful. It was easy to read and check where I was in my cycle. And I do like that I was able to track some of my symptoms. That said, it was never accurate and the list of symptoms is seriously lacking. When I asked for help once from their support, I got generic “thanks for your feedback” reply so that was completely useless and didn’t address the issues I had asked at all. Overall, seems like a marketing ploy more interested in selling their products/programs and not truly interested in helping women lead better and more productive lives. Updated review: why was I given a reply months later when I have stopped using the app due to issues? Know your customer base. If they no longer use your product, don’t bother reaching out.

(Edit) Load issues fixed - Love this app - please fix iPhone 6 load issues!

I absolutely love this app, but a few days ago, it stopped loading for me and won’t move past the purple myFLO screen upon opening. Please fix!

Great at what is was made for

It’s not the best user experience when it comes to tracking your cycle (Clue or Groove are much better at this). However, where it shines is in the symptom-related data and recommendations for living in sync with your flow.

Love it! Super helpful for understanding my hormones

I really like this app! I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and enjoy knowing the information it gives about the different points in the cycle. I’m not as excited about all the “buy our plan” notes at each page, but they don’t stop me from enjoying the app.

Love the app, don’t recommend the 4wk program

I love this app! It makes flo tracking simple and teaches you how to easily sync with your cycle. However I was very disappointed when I purchased the 4 week clear skin program. It cost $47 for a 4 page document with a couple bullet points per page. I expected much more in depth advice and information for this price. I would value the program at $5-10. All the information in the program is in Alisa Vitti’s book Woman Code which can be purchased for less than $10. Get the app! But steer clear of the for purchase programs and opt to read the book instead.

Awesome App

In companion with her book, a great app to use!

Worst App I Own

This is the worst app I own. After collecting several months of menstrual data, the app stopped loading. I uninstalled and reinstalled it several times. Finally, it loaded after the app developer spent quite some time making revisions. However, once it loaded, it wouldn't accept my password. I tried to reset it countless times, but never received a password reset email. I contacted customer service numerous times and was strung along for a couple of weeks. Finally, I received an email from FloLiving asking about my customer service experience. I explained what happened and that I was still unable to log in to my account. I was told to "click the password reset link". I threw my hands up in the air at that response frustrated I was getting the run around. This app has eaten a lot of my time and energy. I’m looking elsewhere.

App needs a little more work.

The FLOliving program has been an absolute game-changer. However, the app struggles to reflect that. When I started cycle-syncing, my period was 42 days. I’ve been eating my FLO for months and am regularly having a 28 day cycle. Yay! The app doesn’t calculate for this. It still says I have a 42 day cycle even though I strictly record everything. I have to use another app and guess when I’m in the appropriate cycle. If this feature could be fixed, it’d be perfect!

Not user friendly

It’s clunky. It’s not personalized enough - every time you enter your symptoms, it asks a yes/no question at the bottom; there’s no way to edit your answers. It asked me if I wanted to go off the pill. I’m not on the pill and it never asked if I was. Not only that, but it’s not worth the price. Too bad I can’t get a refund.

Gets you in tune with your body!

I've had this app for about 6-8 weeks, and I have appreciated it immensely. It costs $2, but is well worth it. They do offer other features/coaching for an additional cost, but there are not extremely pesky ads or anything of the sort if you choose not to indulge in those things. I haven't, and I have seen immense results from the app! It has increased my awareness of the cycle that my body is in, and increased productivity in planning things from work to social life to personal growth, influenced my diet to partner with my body's hormones, and helped me plan my workouts according to what is best for where my body is at.

Used to be amazing..

This app used to be amazing, but now it just keeps on glitching.

Good but....

I really like this app. I wish it were more cohesive though. There are so many more symptoms that I experience during different phases of my cycle and those symptoms are not options to select. Nor is tracking that you’ve had sex outside of your ovulation phase. I will continue to use it but I love to see an updated version with more options overall.

Love this app but so many bugs! :(

I love this app. It’s helped me notice symptoms and what cycle that means for me. It’s helped me become more bodily aware. BUT for days on end my app won’t open. So I can’t plug in my info! So frustrating. Trying to remember 5 days back isn’t easy.

I loved this App, now it doesn’t work

They know it doesn’t work and said something about iTunes needing to update their app, but it’s been a super long time and it’s still not working. Nothing like throwing a few dollars out your window while driving down the highway.... such a waste....


Very useful app, but I wish the developer - Alisa Vitti, et al - would review the language used and consider that they are excluding homosexual and other non-heteronormative people by using phrases like “send your partner for a guys’ night out” and “let your kids spend the day with dad” etc. I think nearly all menstruating people will find this app very useful - it’s been very informative and helpful to me. Just could use some more inclusive language!

Love the app but iPhone X doesn’t

I love love love MYFLO. Well, I loved it before I got the new iphone. The food recommendations and explanations of what’s happening with my hormones in each phase of my cycle helps me understand what’s going on with my body SO much, and I find myself naturally syncing to the foods recommended. However, for some reason, this app keeps crashing my phone, so I’ve taken it off my phone for now.

Literally changed my life

I don’t even remember how I found Alisa, but I am so incredibly thankful. My whole life I suffered with severe period related illnesses. When I first started my period, it was so long and heavy I became severely anemic and found out it was because I wasn’t ovulating. So at 13/14 I was out on this terrible medicine that made me ovulate but gave me horrible horrible cramps, like couldn’t go to school cramps. At age 17 I went on the pill but still suffered from anxiety, mood swings and other various pms symptoms and I stopped taking it around 24 because it just made me feel lousy. After stoping the pill my cycles were regulated but I had terrible cramps again and bad pms. At 31 I decided enough was enough and found FLO Living and the app. As a lover of the idea of food based medicine I decided to give this a try and I’m so glad I did. I started using it and started feeling better after the first month. My husband also loves getting the emails and he feels like he has top secret information about me. It honestly helps our marriage stay solid because when he follows what these emails say it always goes well. :) After about three months for following the app I decided to take the plunge and buy the Monthly Flo program and it was the best money I have ever spent in my life. It took about 4 months but my past 3 cycles I have had zero pain, no anxiety, very little to no pms symptoms and when I do I just follow the recommendations from the app and it very quickly dissipates. I actually enjoy being on my period now. That’s a sentence I never thought I would say. The app and Alisa’s program does work but you do have to put in effort. The effort is totally worth it. I feel like I have this ancient goddess wisdom and so strongly believe that if all women followed this program, women would truly be on top and take over the world. I will always live in the Flo because there truly is no other way.

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