MyFLO Period Tracker App Reviews

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I loved this app, however I cannot log in, the app crashes. I’ve lost health data from the last 6 months.

Great idea but glitchy

I have been using this for months and all of a sudden it won’t let me log in. Lost all of my progress. The app also shuts down when I try to click on the programs that I really wanted to look into. Great idea and I love her work I just wish it was usable.

Good Enough, Could Use Improvement

I like this app enough to recommend it, but I don’t LOVE it, and it’s not everything I could ask for in an app- sometimes I feel like the wording of what my “symptoms” are is alarmist, when I know there’s nothing wrong. Why yes, I have experienced “spotting” as a symptom often in my cycle- it’s always right before or right after my period- I do not have PCOS or endometriosis, thank you so kindly. That could be VERY disconcerting for a woman who’s just starting out in her self-awareness for cycles and I find that troubling. There’s room for improvement in the “this is totally normal” pop-ups, which as far as I’ve seen are scarce if not entirely nonexistent. I like the detail of what you can add to what’s going on with you in the day, and I also really like the recommendations for different stages of your cycle. I do really wish there was a place to note changes that weren’t specifically about my period but are about vaginal health. There’s nowhere to put in data about a potential infection, which could totally mess with your cycle, or anywhere to mark down having sex more than once in a day, which could also help if you’re trying to conceive, or just keep track! All in all, I give it a 5 out of 10, which I can only show as a 3 out of 5 here.

Glitches Galore

This app is super glitchy. I downloaded it and it won’t go when I tap on buttons. Not to mention I had to pay for the app and then I have to pay more to access other parts of the app. I tired to submit information prior to rating it and that wouldn’t even go through. Waste of $2 if I can’t even use it.

Regret purchasing, prefer other apps

I encountered tech issues and the help button stopped working. I reached out to myflo website and it’s yet to be resolved. Luckily I continued to use my other period tracker so I didn’t lose my dates when I deleted and reinstalled the app. I don’t recommend purchasing this app. It’s not user-friendly to update the most basic need, your mensuration dates. I like how other apps let you add in custom notes.

Great for education, could use some updates!

I love this app for its education on each phase of the cycle, and what you can do to support each one. The ONLY downside is the symptom tracking. It only offers certain symptoms during certain phases that are common during that time. But sometimes I experience symptoms that aren’t listed, so it’s hard to keep track. I find myself using two different apps for this reason. If you could offer ALL symptoms in every phase, that would be super helpful. A bonus would be an option to add in your own symptoms! Thanks Alisa! <3

Can’t log in!!!

I have loved this app but have to give it a low star rating because I had to redownload the app and now it won’t let me log in! Every time I go to log in the app shuts down completely. When it *is* working I really like how easy it is to use and the information available to me.

app keeps closing

I would love to be able to use this app that I purchased but unfortunately I can’t even log into my account because the app keeps closing unexpectedly.

Loved till it stopped working

I loved this app. I used it with Natural Cycles to follow my cycle. However, I haven’t been able to use it for the past 2 months. Every time I open it it says “checking for update...please wait” and then it never loads. I can’t find a resource to go to to get this fixed so I’m posting here. Please fix the glitch and I really hope I didn’t loose the last 9 months worth of data!

Not worth the money.

App works 50% of the time and gives same recommendations every time. Don’t waste your money on this. I love the concept of it but the app is severely lacking.

Feeling like top dog about my period app

I have a lot of women in my life and they all seem to have a different period app on their phone. I just got this app a week ago and already started bragging. Everyone else who has one has told me theirs isn’t nearly as informative as this one is! And the partner sync is an amazing idea! So much easier than me crying and trying to explain to him how I’m feeling lol. The dietary suggestions are probably my favorite feature. You literally are what you eat and it’s helpful to know what kinds of foods I should be eating for my ever changing body! Thank you so much for creating this app!

App Keeps Crashing

I liked the app but seriously annoying it keeps crashing.


I feel like I’ve been searching for this for years. It is magical being on Earth in a female body, and being consciously in tune with my cycle and having the knowledge and sensitivity to address things like PMS, bloating, cramps, mood swings (symptoms that are commonly seen as normal/why is being uncomfortable in our bodies so unquestionably accepted??) is a fundamental source of self awareness and empowerment. Not to mention, learning how to boost fertility and sexual vitality via Cycle Syncing is awesome. Yay nature!

Love it but..

This app has changed the way I see my period, however when adding symptoms and things about my period, there’s almost no options of what to add. There’s no weight tracking, basal temp, sleep or really any other period symptoms. There’s no way to add a pill reminder or express any exercise data. This could be a life changing app if it had more options for tracking information.

Please let us log our phases ourselves

Please incorporate the ability to log cycle phases ourselves. If the app uses the data from an irregular cycle to predict when future cycle phases will be, and then your cycle regulates, then you’re stuck with the inaccurate data. I wouldn’t have paid for this app if I’d known I could barely use it due to the inaccuracy. Simple fix is to let us log our own phases when needed.

Liked it until it crashed

I really enjoyed learning more about my body and it did really help my symptoms... for about 2 months and now it won’t open. Save some money and eat some avocado and salmon to relieve PMS bloating and cramping and eat leafy greens when you’re actually on your period. That’s the only difference between this and my free period tracker.

It’s like the equivalent of another yoga studio in the city. Oversaturated market.

First, when you try and rate the app on the actual app and give them one star and try to give feedback it doesn’t allow the message to be sent. It states “try again” so they have set it up so that negative comments can’t be posted on their actual app. This was my original message which I couldn’t send: “Why assume someone is on the pill then continue to force the question although it’s not applicable? There should be more options to the answers located at the bottom of the calendar. Not just yes or no. Some of your questions are clearly geared towards selling your products/services so not much relevant information except for the generic menses tracking calendar with your hidden brand agenda. It’s sad because it could be an amazing tool if you strived for quality versus quantity ($$$$). Highly disappointing, not culturally competent/sensitive about eating habits or social economic factors. Just a typical privileged person trying to push on their agenda on the vulnerable population just because they can. She’s not even a licensed professional just speaks from “experience” — well, fyi. Many of us could speak from experience and sell our services if we were too, in the market to exploit, however, some of us have a conscience and integrity. Suggestion: address your market & be clear about who you want to attract for your services because it’s definitely not meant for those educated and successful people who don’t fall for every “as seen on tv” or Dr. Oz infomercial. Give your fellow women some credit!! And for those who think I’m being too harsh—I paid for app and feel like I can give my two cents.

Not recommend and wasted my money

As others have mentioned, there are plenty of other free apps out there that do the same thing, many even better. I am so disappointed I wasted money on this app. All it does is try and push more expensive programs for you to buy, some in the thousands.

Good app, has potential, but wish it could do more

I really like this app compared to similar tracking apps. There is a lot of good information in it. I just wish it allowed for more symptoms to be tracked in various phases. It would also be great if temperatures could be recorded in the app. Right now I’m still using another app to do that.

Good app.

This is a good app in that it can tell me how I should expect to feel every week regarding the changes in hormones. Best of all it sends my partner updates to make him aware of what wrath he may expect. Jk 😉. I would appreciate new text regarding the changes. I feel after a while reading the same thing over and over gets boring. I suppose the emails we get are supposed to add variety and they do, however the frequency of the emails has gotten a bit annoying. Don’t need an email everyday, just a heads up at the start of the changing week.


This app is very frustrating. I just spent the last 25 minutes trying to input the dates of TWO periods. This should only take 30 seconds. The way to enter a period is very limited and does not seem to give you an option of editing previous period dates without deleting every period since then. Not only is this app not easy to use or intuitive, it is glitching constantly. I will enter that my period started in 7/26, and it automatically enters in a 2 week(??) period that started on 7/23. What the heck?! And when I tried to send them feedback, it sent me an error message. This could be a great app because Alissa Vitti has excellent information to help women...but unfortunately this app is garbage.


for someone who doesn’t take birth control pills, this app has totally helped me manage my period & learn how to read my body better. my only suggestion would be a little more specifics! i had to take an emergency contraceptive & would’ve loved to add that to my tracking. all in all a great find.

Don’t Assume

This is an awesome app, love it! It has really helped me see trends and how to use nutrition and exercise to help! But just some little advice, don’t assume the women using it are all dating/married to men in the recommendation fields. Just a thought! :)

Many problems that need to be fixed

Every time I’ve tried to give feedback on the app it says connection error. It frustrates me that you can’t change the length of your period. Mine is different lengths each month. Need better customer support. And there are better apps that do the same thing for free. Oh and too many ad emails!

It’s ok

I really love this app but now for some reason it won’t work always force closes .... I don’t normally comment and complain but I paid for this app and I can’t use it ...

Needs option to input your own data, not from a pre-formed selection.

Update:I’m changing my review to less stars. I’ve finally got it to where I can almost track all the days of my period, but it keeps deleting all the info I input throughout the week. What’s the point of keeping track of all those details so I know what to expect in the future, if the app is just going to go ahead and delete everything? ——— I want to love this app, but there are no places for me to input what I have going on any given day unless it is one of their suggestions. I’ve used other apps that let you track bowel movements, cravings, tender breasts, and let you put in your own info if it’s not listed as an option; for example: itching… and on any day of the month. I like the info for each phase of your cycle, however this app is kind of useless to me since I can’t track anything else.

Please Help

I love the app however, whenever i try to view the programs suggested for me, the app closes or takes me back to the previous screen. This app would be more beneficial for me if i could see my programs.

Get it!

This app almost almost reads my mind. It answers every question. It’s exactly what I was looking for ❤️


I tried ordering one of the 4 week programs. It didn’t appear to work when I entered the card information, as the screen stayed exactly the same after hitting purchase. Absolutely nothing to indicate the purchase went through. Because of this I tried a few times, thinking I’d done something incorrectly or the app froze. And discovered later I was charged three times! And I have not even received the product or any kind of confirmation in my email. This is unacceptable. I can’t even find a number to call for help fixing this. When I tried to use the “help” section to send a message, I just kept getting a “connection interrupted, try again” pop up. This is a scam!

Not clean cut - needs to be more customizable

Hasn’t worked in days now, continues to say “looking for update.” This is an app that i use to track things often. I’d rather use paper than deal with this garbage. I would like to get my money back. My initial review —-My symptoms don’t always fall into the ones listed - I’d like to be able to add my own symptom as well as export and print my calendar. Works well for the most part.

Knowing my cycle

I’ve been off hormonal birth control about a month and started using MyFlo in conjunction with Natural Cycles to monitor my cycle. I’ve been on hormonal birth control over 10 years so using tools of this kind are enabling me to take control of my newly unleashed hormones. So far I have only good things to say, but I look forward to the app’s increased acuity as I input more data over time!

Need it to sync to google calendar

I love the insights on this calander. My favorite feature is that I can put in my symptoms and get tips. However, if I am really going to cycle sync my life I need to be able to see my phases in a icalendar or google calendar!!

Awesome few quirks

So far I’ve really been liking this app. it’s very useful as I’m beginning my cycle syncing journey. There’s a few things that don’t work well and give error messages, like the “cycle RX”. I think it’d also be awesome to have a button to monitor vitamins or seed cycling.

Very bare bones

A total waste of money. I would not recommend. Very little guidance and not very customizable. Does not keep track of much symptoms aside from cramps and headaches.

Interesting information but would like a blank notes section

I appreciate the feedback I can receive when I track my symptoms, however since the choices are already pre-selected, there is not a place to write in my own notes. I would love to have that so I can add anything else that doesn’t fit into the boxes already there.

wait, the coolest thing since sliced bread

I absolutely love MyFLO. I’ve always wanted an app that not only tracks your period but tells you what is going on in there, why do I have breakouts? MyFLO tells me! Cramps? MyFLO tells me! It’s the sidekick that every superwoman deserves.

Helpful Tracking

I think the app is great for a first version but it’s lacking several features that would be helpful. Not sure if the developer will get around to making any updates, but a few that would be helpful are : Something that indicates what number day of your cycle you are on. A place where you can see an overarching view of past cycles (to compare length and symptoms). Some kind of customizable notes section for each day for ppl that want to track other things or even insert the specific food lists from the book. Otherwise it’s helpful to track your periods, but its not really any better than other tracking apps. I do like that it somewhat relates to the info in the book but it could use some improvements. Just tried to submit this feedback through the app and won’t even go through 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Misleading—False Advertising

Misleading representation when purchasing app. The app doesn’t allow enough options for tracking cycle information and symptoms. Too many notifications prompting to see “suggestions for you”, and when chose to view, these aren’t personalized, but further details of another purchase of “diet plan”. Extremely misleading, false advertisement and completely gimmicky for anyone who already is aware of the food/mind and body connection in addition to the importance of gut health. Zero customer support. When I’ve tried to contact or request support, always receive reply that “Connection Interruption. Pls Try again later”. Additionally, receive nearly 3 emails daily attempting to sell more unnecessary products and have had to unsubscribe. If you’re considering MyFLO, consider your time and money prior to purchasing.

App stopped working

Unfortunately, after only 1 month, the app is no longer working. Whenever I open it, it says “checking for update, please waist.” This goes on indefinitely. I’ve tried looking for updates in the App Store, close and reopen, nothing worked. If I delete the app it will also delete my data. What should I do?

I’ve had this app for all of 5 minutes and I LOVE It!

Seriously don’t waste time with other cycle tracking apps, this one is simple & offers true suggestions to help with all your symptoms. I was getting ready to give up that, and then i found this app! IT’S FANNNNNNNTASTIC! 🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love it!

I’m into holistic and more natural approaches to most everything in life. This app gives advice and suggestions for natural remedies, foods to help your symptoms and in general just great info on what’s going on with my hormones in each phase of my cycle.

Amazing & Easy to Use App

This app is incredible. It helps me understand what my body is going through and how I can tailor my food and lifestyle needs to help support myself throughout the month. I really love the ability to add symptoms so I can look back at how my choices make impacts every month - BUT it would be so much better if I could also add my own notes about what I’m experiencing so I could have everything in one place! Love this app. Love Woman Code. Love the work they’re doing to help women better know and understand their bodies.

Buy This!

I have been looking for cycle syncing recommendations for a long time. Finding the Woman Code book and the app has been life changing. Love this!!


I have followed Alisa's work for years, and I can't believe how accessible this app has made it. In one cycle I've seen improvements in my health by understanding where I am in my cycle and how to make nutrition and exercise decisions accordingly. I feel so empowered. Thank you!

Needs some fixes

I’m really interested in the science behind this but the app seems a bit flawed. It keeps telling me I’m in the menstrual phase when I’m not. It should wait for ME to tell IT when I’m in the menstrual phase. I had to turn off app notifications because of this. I also don’t like that it doesn’t actually show me what day of my cycle I’m on, only the phase I’m in. Day of cycle is very important to me. For example I already know that I’ll most likely have a migraine on day 27 and I’ll get my period on day 28. So I need to know what day I’m on so I can plan for this. I’m still using a separate app that provides this info.

This is it

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Good insight on cycle phases and clean, but not enough options

This was the rating feedback I wasn’t able to submit via the app. Add More symptoms and available for more days of the cycles. want to track how I’m feeling - not just tired and fatigued. Am I am angry, sad, lacking patience? These may Be period patterns that I want to understand. Also, when you ask if I did something to support symptoms, you should also offer options. In general, I like the insight on the phases, but I have to supplement this app with another to track my actual period experience. I keep using this app because I paid for it. The other one was free. I consider 3 stars just average. Four are for thing really gray, and five for exceptional with nearly no negatives.

Love but hate that it crashes

I love the idea of the app and that it goes along with The Woman Code Book, but the app crashes a lot. Almost every other time I go to use the app it crashes and I have only been using it for 2 weeks. I wish there was an area that you could type notes into as well, for symptoms that aren’t included or food you ate that worked and didn’t work, etc.

Everything I’ve ever wanted in a period tracker app

I’ve only had this app for like 24 hours and I’m already obsessed and telling literally everyone with a vagina I see to get this app immediately. Such a thoughtfully designed health application. Love it!

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